List of 10 Top Factories That Produce U Shaped Sofas in Bulk

U shaped sofa manufacturers and companies producing home furniture and various offices in the country, after the approval of the law restricting the import of furniture, we’re able to produce quality products worthy of Iranian interior decoration. Due to the very important role of furniture in the home and its use as a focal point, furniture production has flourished due to high market demand.

List of 10 Top Factories That Produce U Shaped Sofas in Bulk

How to Do FCO in Wholesale Trading Sofas?

How to Do FCO in Wholesale Trading Sofas? In today’s trading and export market, a letter or document must be signed between the company or the buyer and the company or the seller, which contains the obligations called the FCO ten obligations. You plan to sell the U-shaped sofa to your foreign customers. The price of the sofa will be determined in your professional negotiations with them and will depend on the amount of the order, the current rate of the sofa price in the international market and other factors. The seller then sends the FCO (Company Offer), which is a prelude to the issuance of the PI (Interim Invoice), to the buyer within three days. After the buyer signs the FCO, the seller issues a draft contract. In some cases, the FCO stage may not be completed and negotiations will proceed directly to draft the contract. The buyer can review the contract and make any changes to it.

The contract is then returned to the seller with changes, and after reviewing and making corrections, the contract is exchanged again. This exchange will take place until the parties are satisfied with the terms and prices (goods, sugar) and the draft contract is agreed upon. With the consent of the buyer’s bank, the seller will send six copies of the contract to the buyer, who must review each page within two days. Then send four copies to the seller. The buyer bank must also receive a non-operating financial instrument from the seller bank at this time (by letter of credit). Finally, the delivery of the desired product will begin after the completion of the two steps mentioned along with the details.

What Reasons Convince You to Buy U Shaped Sofa from Us?

What Reasons Convince You to Buy U Shaped Sofa from Us? The first reason that increases the demand and satisfaction of the customer to buy a U-shaped sofa is that while the U-shaped sofa takes up less space than other furniture, it provides more space for the user. So it is very suitable and luxury for small houses. Due to the closeness of the chairs and the U-shaped shape of the sofa, the people who use the sofa are closer to each other and the possibility of making eye contact with people and relieving their nostalgia increases. Therefore, this sofa is for intimate family spaces where people want to be close to each other and to compensate for the nostalgia created due to the busy schedule and the distance of people in terms of space by creating a warm and intimate atmosphere to some extent.

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