Experience Market Boom with Wholesale Trading Sofa Sets!

The small l shaped sofa is one of those popular pieces of furniture that has become a trend in recent years and has many fans every year we see the emergence of various colorful models. This furniture is very suitable for small spaces and has a more reasonable price. The small l-shaped sofa is one of the best and most modern sofas in shopping centers.

Experience Market Boom with Wholesale Trading Sofa Sets!

Which Country Has the Highest Ranking in the Sofa’s World Trade?

Which Country Has the Highest Ranking in the Sofa’s World Trade? China is a major furniture maker, accounting for 39% of the world’s furniture production. After China, other major countries in the furniture industry are the United States, Germany, Italy, India, Poland, Japan, Vietnam, the United Kingdom and Canada.

The business of furniture exporting countries has grown dramatically in recent years. This demand has grown even in the markets of the developing world. European and North American markets are also in high demand for furniture. In 2014, furniture-exporting countries generated revenue of $ 244.6 billion, of which China accounts for 38%.

It is the tenth-largest furniture exporter in the Netherlands, earning about $ 2.4 billion annually from the sale of furniture products and exports. Although the country is a center of production and breeding, 70% of these products still enter the country to meet domestic needs. Dutch products vary from the bedroom to office furniture. Furniture turnover was negative in 2014, while in the first quarter of 2015, revenue increased by 7.2%. , The furniture sector of homes may continue to fall.

The Czech Republic ranks ninth in furniture exporting countries. The 2014 revenue of the Czech Republic the furniture exporting country reached $ 4.4 billion this year. On the contrary, the import of furniture to the Czech Republic in the same year was much less than $ 22 million. The Czech Republic exports furniture primarily to Germany, Italy and Austria. Germany is one of the best furniture exporters. In 2014, it had revenues of the US $ 18.2 billion.

Sofas and dining tables are usually purchased for New Year parties and holidays. To ensure timely delivery of these items, the best time to buy furniture for the New Year holidays is just before the last month of the year.

Summer is one of the best times to buy your living room furniture. Just start searching for new inventory in the year before the second wave arrives. Retailers are starting to reduce the price of existing sofas to sell older models.

Best Season to Buy Affordable Sofa Sets in Bulk

Best Season to Buy Affordable Sofa Sets in Bulk Best sales are usually on Black Friday or the last sale of each season. It is also important to always check fabric samples before ordering custom parts, as many of them are non-refundable or non-refundable. Holidays make people want to buy more furniture. To prepare for guests and celebrations.

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