Annual Growth in Sofa Set's Quantity Between 2021 and 2022

In previous years, the annual turnover of our country’s furniture market was estimated at more than 30,000 billion tomans and the export steel sofa set price value of products in this field was estimated at up to $ 50 million annually. Iraq, Afghanistan and Oman were the largest importers of Iranian furniture. Also, at present, more than 80,000 industrial, trade union and service units are active in the country’s furniture industry, and their total turnover is estimated at 100,000 billion tomans.

Annual Growth in Sofa Set's Quantity Between 2021 and 2022

What Are Needed Permissions for Worldwide Trading Sofa Sets?

What Are Needed Permissions for Worldwide Trading Sofa Sets? This is while this volume of turnover and employment has been achieved by using only half of the industry capacity. Therefore, by using this high capacity, which has been left empty and unused for various reasons, the volume of production, turnover, employment, exports and currency exchange, and the economic efficiency of this industry can be increased at least twice the current level.

Of course, regarding the domestic market, it should not be forgotten that the decline in the economic power of the people has led the domestic market of the furniture industry to a recession and the weakness of export programs has made it difficult to compensate for the decline in domestic purchases. Despite all these issues, the biggest problem of the furniture industry is still the difficult, time-consuming and expensive access to the raw materials for production. However, according to experts, this industry is currently having a bad time. In this regard, Ashraf Pirayesh, CEO of Rata Pars, explains about it.

Before entering the Iranian furniture industry, I used to produce all kinds of furniture in Turkey, but after the escalation of sanctions and currency fluctuations, I was forced to return to the country and continue my activities here. Eight years ago, when I returned to Iran, I tried to create the same structure, technology and system in Turkey here.

Therefore, together with the group, we tried to improve the quality of work as much as possible, and in the second stage, we spend a lot of time on product design; To do this, we have a strong design team of experts from the University of Tehran and senior specialists. The reason for paying special attention to design is that the furniture industry is dynamic and is constantly changing colors.

Bulk Distributors of Steel Sofa Sets That Have the Most Income among the Others

Bulk Distributors of Steel Sofa Sets That Have the Most Income among the Others Abstract and far-fetched goals; However, our goal is for our products to find more audiences. People’s purchasing power is now very low due to dollar fluctuations and shortages of raw materials. As a result, we can not put the steel sofa set price on our goods. But our goal is to produce goods with the same quality and with the same design and with the same standard that is addressed to all sections of society and everyone can prepare and use quality goods. At present, this group consists of 50 people which includes the production complex and administrative departments. But we can create up to 300 people. Unfortunately, however, the furniture industry has been in a deep recession for two years since the outbreak of Corona. Many co-workers are affected and the community’s desire for a sofa is very low.

Corona is the main cause of the furniture industry downturn. Of course, I do not have a very negative view of the sanctions. Because the sanctions at least allowed small, large companies and large factories to produce raw materials to supply the very simple raw materials that were imported which in addition to preventing currency outflows and job creation, also led to easier supply of raw materials.

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