Sofa Leather; Pigmented Aniline Semi-Aniline Types

Sofa Leather; Pigmented Aniline Semi-Aniline Types

Sofa Leather in Pakistan is a big industry since the country has been known as one of the major producers of high-quality leather worldwide

Sofa Leather in Pakistan

Leather has always been a material of choice for upholstery coverings in our sofas, convenient chairs, corner sofas, etc

One of the main producers of leather for upholstery coverings is Pakistan

About 800 tanneries in Pakistan are involved in creating the best quality leather for cows, buffaloes, sheep, and goats

In addition, the nation is well regarded as a center for the manufacture of high-grade leather and leather goods

Due to its natural finish, unique smell, and powerful resilience, leather has been commonly used as a covering for sofas

In fact, you can’t go wrong with leather for any kind of couch, even though it really shines in classic styles like the Chesterfield

 Sofa Leather; Pigmented Aniline Semi-Aniline Types

Sofa Leather Features in Pakistan

There are three different types of sofa leather, each of which has its own unique features


A Material of Choice for Upholstery Coverings

Main Producers

Tanneries in Pakistan
800 Tanneries

Covering for Sofas

Pakistan is considered a major producer of all three types

Pigmented Leather

Pigmented leather is utilized in most furniture upholstery; it is durable, resisting soiling, scuffing, and fading

Aniline leather

Aniline leather retains the animal hide’s inherent surface qualities

Pure aniline leather is dyed, not pigment-coated and it improves the appearance and prevents spills and soiling

However, it is sun-sensitive and liquid-absorbent and thus, requires specific care

Semi-aniline leather

Semi-aniline leather is durable and natural-looking; thanks to its pigmented coating, it is durable

This gives semi-aniline leather couches more constant color and protection

 Sofa Leather; Pigmented Aniline Semi-Aniline Types

Buy Sofa Leather in Pakistan

Buying leather for your sofas is always a good investment, but how to pick the right leather?
Well, the first thing to consider is the country of origin, when it comes to leather

Even though Italy and Germany are considered as best producers of leather, Pakistan can also bring you fair quality

In addition, knowing the many alternatives available when shopping for leather is just as important as knowing where it comes from

Varieties, quality, thicknesses, cuts, sizes, and finishes of leather are all part of the picture

With enough research and forethought, you may locate high-quality supplies that will help you create impressive works

 Sofa Leather; Pigmented Aniline Semi-Aniline Types

Sofa Leather Price in Pakistan + Buy and Sell

As we already discussed, a sheet of leather is priced in accordance with its quality, type, country of origin, etc

For example, semi-aniline leather for sofas costs somewhere around $8 to $20 per square foot

Nevertheless, you can always get lower prices if you contact producers in countries like Pakistan, India, and Iran

These countries sell decent-quality leather at much lower prices

If you are interested in contacting these producers, you can easily find them on our website

Our experts will be there to help you start negotiations with these producers and get high quality at a low price

Leave us a message and you will be contacted in no time at all

 Sofa Leather; Pigmented Aniline Semi-Aniline Types

The Answer to Two Questions About Sofa Leather

1: What is the disadvantage of leather sofa?
Scratches and other marks are far more visible on leather than fabric upholstery

2: What is the life of a leather sofa?
15 to 20 years

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